Tork Hand Cleaning Wet Wipes

  • Tork Hand Cleaning Wet Wipes
  • Tork Hand Cleaning Wet Wipes
  • Tork Hand Cleaning Wet Wipes
  • Tork Hand Cleaning Wet Wipes
  • Tork Hand Cleaning Wet Wipes
  • Tork Hand Cleaning Wet Wipes

Article: 190592

Colour: White

EAN: 7322540311921

Quality level: Premium

Format: Handy Bucket

The Tork Hand Cleaning Wet Wipes are convenient and efficient for hand cleaning when water is not available.

  • Professional quality for effective hand cleaning
  • Fragrance free and gentle to the skin
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Données du produit

SystèmeW14 - Handy Bucket Hand Cleaning
Roll Length15.7 m
Roll Width13.5 cm
Roll Diameter12.5 cm
Number of Sheets58
Sheet Length27 cm

Données d’expédition

Unité consommateur

Hauteur191 mm
Largeur158 mm
Longueur158 mm
Volume4.8 dm3
Poids net1099 g
Poids brut1288 g
Matériau d’emballagePlastic

Unité de transport

Unités consommateur4
Hauteur220 mm
Largeur330 mm
Longueur330 mm
Volume24 dm3
Poids net4.4 kg
Poids brut5.7 kg
Matériau d’emballageCarton


Unités consommateur120
Unité de transport30
Hauteur1250 mm
Largeur800 mm
Longueur1200 mm
Volume0.7 m3
Poids net131.9 kg
Poids brut169.7 kg

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Viscose fibers are produced from cellulose pulp. Cellulose is dissolved in alkaline solution by a chemical reaction with carbon disulphide and then spun to fibers in an acid spinning bath. The fibers are washed, dried and cut to intended fiber length.

Tork Wet Wipes




Polyester fiber is produced from terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol, which react through condensation to polyester resin. The molten resin is spun to fibers through spinnerets and cooled with air. The fibers are then cut to intended fiber length.

Environmental labels

This product is not approved for the EU Ecolabel.


Fulfilment of Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (94/62/EC): Yes

Article creation date and latest article revision

Date of issue: 2015-11-02

Revision date: 2019-04-19


This product is produced at External mill, CN.

Disposing / destruction of used product

This product is mainly used for industrial processes and might through use be contaminated with different substances. This will determine how the used product will be handled/disposed of/destructed. Contact local authorities before destruction. The product itself is suitable for incineration.

Essity Hygiene and Health AB, 405 03 GÖTEBORG, Sweden

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