Tork Foam Soap Dispenser with Intuition™ sensor

  • Tork Foam Soap Dispenser with Intuition™ sensor
  • Tork Foam Soap Dispenser with Intuition™ sensor
  • Tork Foam Soap Dispenser with Intuition™ sensor
  • Tork Foam Soap Dispenser with Intuition™ sensor

Article: 460009

Colour: Stainless

EAN: 7322540782318

A modern design with smooth surfaces and clean lines that fits seamlessly in your washroom. Create a great impression that boosts the high-quality image of your facility. Stylish stainless steel with anti finger print coating looks great and stays clean.

  • Modern and seamless design – make the right impression
  • Easy to clean stainless steel with anti-fingerprint protection/coating -keeps the high class look for a better experience
  • Sensor-activated, gives a high-tech impression
  • Touch free  and proven easy-to-use design by third party certificate promotes good hand hygiene for all washroom visitors
  • If the dispenser is mounted right above the floor a drip tray should be used to minimize spills on the floor.
  • Proven Easy to use for the cleaning staff saving time for refilling
  • LED refill indicator indicates need for maintenance
  • The dispenser should be powered with four (4) C type alkaline batteries (LR14) of a high quality brand. The alkaline batteries should be the type optimized for high power/motor/toys appliances.
  • Check battery expiration date and always install four (4) new batteries at the same time
  • If the dispenser is empty for more than one week, the batteries should be removed to avoid LED light consumption of the batteries
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Certificats de produits


Données du produit

SystèmeS4 - Foam soap system
Height278 mm
Width116 mm
Depth130 mm

Données d’expédition

Unité consommateur

Hauteur302 mm
Largeur134 mm
Longueur148 mm
Volume6 dm3
Poids net937 g
Poids brut1149 g
Matériau d’emballageCarton

Unité de transport

Unités consommateur1
Hauteur134 mm
Largeur148 mm
Longueur302 mm
Volume6 dm3
Poids net0.9 kg
Poids brut1.1 kg
Matériau d’emballageCarton


Unités consommateur280
Unité de transport280
Hauteur2026 mm
Largeur800 mm
Longueur1200 mm
Volume1.7 m3
Poids net262.4 kg
Poids brut321.7 kg

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